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Before using Virtual ECG it is essential that you understand how to record a 12 lead ECG. There are numerous key steps that must be performed correctly to record an accurate 12 lead ECG. An inaccurate ECG will be recorded if any of these steps are not correctly completed; and will lead to misinterpretation and a clinical misdiagnosis.

Two of the most important steps are the position of the electrodes and the connection of the electrode cables. Virtual ECG will permit you to practice the placement of these electrodes and the connection of the electrode cables.

If you are a student at the University of South Wales you may undertake one of the classroom based courses or complete the online training programme, available here.
If you are not a student you may also undertake a training course at University of South Wales, further information is available at http://hesas.glam.ac.uk/subjects/physiology/

Learning on Screen 2012 award nomination

Virtual ECG was nominated for a British Universities Film & Video Council 'Learning on Screen' 2012 award in the 'Courseware and Curriculum' category.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2012 semi-finalist

In August 2012 Virtual ECG was a semi-finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) in the 'Innovation of Interactive Media in Education' category. ADAA is a global competition which in 2012 attracted nearly 5000 entries across 16 categories.

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Further information

If you would like more information about Virtual ECG, please contact the development team via email: Barry Richards, or Twitter: @barry_richards.

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A 23 year old Caucasian male, who has attended clinic for a routine check up. He is not taking any medication and has no clinical history or history of significant familial illness. A non-smoker, who exercises and denies using drugs or alcohol.

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"Learning on Screen 2012 award nominated
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